Veteran stage actor, writer, musician, voiceover talent and one-time radio personality, DJ Holte (rhymes with “Nick Nolte”) began his love affair with acting in the 3rd grade, when he appeared in the title roles of both “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The latter role provided him with his very first nude scene (albeit tastefully done).

Throughout his teens and twenties, DJ appeared in no fewer than 20 plays at various venues, many in starring roles. His favorites to this day include “Lone Star”, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, “Beyond Therapy” and “Snow Angel”.

Following a relatively short yet successful career spinning records on the radio, he left the world of rock & roll to pursue a career as a film actor. Finally settled into his cozy apartment in the Hollywood Hills, he pounded the pavement looking for work, and eventually landed a job slinging espressos at the Starbucks coffee shop on the corner of Sunset & La Brea. This turned out to be a particularly inspiring place to work, as he met and served many celebrities and show biz types. He found it an eye-opening experience to discover that these big stars, hot directors and powerful producers were just “regular folks”, and really mostly just wanted to be treated as such.

After pouring a few thousand espressos as a barista, he landed a job at a cable television network, writing and producing on-air elements for their more than 70 million viewers. While this was a rewarding job, DJ has since left the rat race entirely, to focus on his acting and voiceover careers. Since 2013, he’s found himself immersed in the world of audiobook narration and production, which combines the challenges of both voice work and acting.

Among many other hobbies and diversions, DJ has written over 100 songs and poems, which he claims range in quality from “mediocre” to “actually pretty decent”.