Top Ten Random Band Names

Yes, I was on one of those silly name-generator websites while I was supposed to be working today… but that’s the nice thing about working as a writer/producer — I can always say I was only trying to jump-start my creativity. Niiiice.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes playing with the Band Name Maker, I have come up with a Top Ten List of my favorite random band names. Enjoy…

10.)  Hopeless Bleach And The Feast
9.)    Gene Morphine
8.)    #9 Eskimo
7.)    Rachel’s Vagabond Zucchini
6.)    Harmonic Biscuit
5.)    Eleventh Grave And The Italian Moth
4.)    Instant October
3.)    Morbid Midnight
2.)    Nuisance of the Bullet
1.)    Shaved Spinach

What’s your favorite fake band name? Go to:

…and post your fave below. Or, for additional fun, see how long it takes before you accidentally come up with a real band name.

Well, must get back to “work”. Let’s see… I think it’s important that I read what’s on The Onion today…

© 2007 DJ Holte

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