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Grammy Salute To Music Legends (…and a legend in his own mind)

Earlier this year, I was honored to be asked to be the “voice” of a Grammy special — the first time their Special Merit Awards have been given their own broadcast. The Grammy Salute To Music Legends™ premiered last night, … Continue reading

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My Take On Some Of The Upcoming TV Shows

I recently watched previews for upcoming shows at the major networks. Here’s my take on what I saw, along with links to the previews for each network.

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Is House Of Cards Built Upon A House Of Lies?

Okay, that (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) headline is what they call a “grabber” — and I guess if you’re reading this far, it worked. I’ve only started watching the Netflix series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, but already it seems to me that … Continue reading

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The Booth At The End

Just came across this excellent sci-fi series, which is currently airing new episodes of its second season exclusively on Hulu (for free). (You can also catch up on all five episodes of the 1st season at the link below.) But … Continue reading

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My Choices For This Year’s SAG Awards

Just finished voting in the SAG Awards. Nominated films (and, to a lesser degree, television shows) were really all over the map this year. At least one of the movies was just bad, bad, bad. Another was a very ugly … Continue reading

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The “True Blood” Drinking Game

Dammit, Sookie! For some reason, this show seems tailor-made for a drinking game. Perhaps because both the show and drinking games carry equal amounts of fun and danger.

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