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  • Style: Southern Indian (Kerala)
  • Location: Culver City, on the corner of Venice Blvd. & Motor Ave.
  • Website:

A recent discovery prompted me to update my restaurant reviews, since I had no hope of holding my tongue once I stumbled upon this treasure. A group of us from work had decided to try out a Pakistani restaurant in the area a couple of months ago, and were pleasantly taken in by its spicy menu items. Returning there several weeks later, we discovered that a new restaurant had quietly and quickly taken its place — an Indian restaurant.

This restaurant, Mayura, has become my new favorite — and believe me, that is saying a great deal. Strange that I have so many Indian restaurants in my Top 20 favorites, and that they all have a completely different taste to them.

Mayura really stands out — with items to satisfy both vegetarian and carnivore alike, I simply cannot imagine food tasting more heavenly. The spices and flavors are so new to my palate, I can only compare it to the notion of discovering food for the very first time. Several in our lunch group have noticed certain similarities to one or two of the spices at our Himalayan haunt, Katmandu Kitchen, but some tastes are just complete surprises.

I can’t recommend it highly enough — just mind-blowing. And their service is top-notch, too — the staff is always smiling and very friendly… when you walk in, you feel as if they are welcoming an old friend into their home. To top it off, their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet runs a mere $7.50 (that’s including tax).

If I could retain the sheer bliss that comes over me when dining there, and the way it stays with me for the afternoon, I’d be pretty close to nirvana, I’ve gotta say.

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