Too Much Wine

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit: sometimes this blog is as far from profound as Richard Dawkins is from a church potluck dinner.  To wit, here are some completely unrelated and mostly stupid brain excretions…

  • Today I sneezed so hard it made my crotch hurt. I know that your nose runs sometimes after you have an orgasm, so there must be some weird connection between those two ends of the body… but this just doesn’t make sense.
  • After some recent musical mind expansion, I feel like I need to become more familiar with jazz artists on the Blue Note label. How the hell could I not know who Grant Green is? Damn, dude.
  • Recently I’ve become convinced that I’m living in a time loop. However, I only notice it when it approaches the reset mark. What’s frustrating about that is that I think I should be much better at this whole “life” thing by now, if I’ve lived it numerous times before. What the hell.
  • Omigod. I can’t believe it’s happening so soon… that I’m starting to look like my old man. It’s weird, but things could be worse. Thing is, I didn’t really have much of a connection with him when I was living at home, but something weird happened after I moved out. Dad suddenly became cool. I mean, really cool. Like somebody that I wish I could be someday. Did I just never see it, or did the act of my confrontational ass moving outta the house finally allow him to relax and become the man my mother fell in love with again? I think probably the latter, because my mom is too awesome to describe, so he hadda have some major mojo going on to land that woman.
  • I no longer feel like I’m going to puke every second of my boot camp workout.
  • Despite it being less than a month away, waiting until 2008 is too long to start my resolutions. The underlying motivation behind all of them: trying not to be afraid of fear.
  • Damn, I look pretty good in a leather coat, if I do say so myself.
  • It’s long past Thanksgiving, but I am still thankful for so many awesome friends. And I’m blessed in so many ways — to have been born healthy, to have been born in America, to have been born into the family I was, and of course, to have been born AWESOME. (That last bit in honor of Barney Stinson.)

Many happinesses upon all of you, you magnificent bastards.

© 2007 DJ Holte

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