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How Do You Measure A Year?

December 31st: the time when we take stock of the year that’s expired (or, more accurately, flown by), and remember the moments, good and bad, that stuck with us. Whether we fell in love, saw a loved one pass on, … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Remembering A Mentor

The acting world lost an amazing teacher tonight — my coach of over 10 years. A man who never sugarcoated the truth, always being brutally honest with you while at the same time showing compassion and total support. He was larger … Continue reading

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Hot Topics

One reason I am happily apolitical — all the venom from people who align themselves with this side or that. I understand the comfort that comes with “belonging” — there is a camaraderie amongst people who share one’s beliefs, and … Continue reading

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Back online after my DSL router decided to go kerflooey yesterday — and now everything is back to normal again today, which is just as perplexing. Realized how hooked in many of us are to the Internet, and how our … Continue reading

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Cold is relative

HOW I CAN TELL IT’S WINTER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Have to turn on space heater in the evening to take the edge off; can no longer sleep with windows open all night. HOW I USED TO BE ABLE TO TELL … Continue reading

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Everybody Stumbles…

…it’s human to get distracted, and stumble, as we travel on our path. Or, sometimes we see something off to the side that looks enticing, and we wander away from the path for a while. So it’s not about whether … Continue reading

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“It Just Fell Into My Lap”

Creating Serendipity Getting what you want from life… It doesn’t involve thinking harder… or working harder… or knowing all the right people. In fact, it’s far simpler than we were all brought up to believe.

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Fighting For Peace is like Screwing For Virginity

A Belated Tribute to George Carlin It’s been nearly a week since I heard about Carlin’s death. I haven’t written about it partly because I just needed some time to digest the disappearance of someone who was one of the … Continue reading

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Too Much Wine

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit: sometimes this blog is as far from profound as Richard Dawkins is from a church potluck dinner.  To wit, here are some completely unrelated and mostly stupid brain excretions…

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