How Do You Measure A Year?

December 31st: the time when we take stock of the year that’s expired (or, more accurately, flown by), and remember the moments, good and bad, that stuck with us. Whether we fell in love, saw a loved one pass on, got a new job (or lost one), experienced frustrating stagnation, or were overwhelmed by circumstances either positive or negative — there is often much emotion twisted and tangled up amidst all this scrutiny.

Perhaps even more emotive, however, are the thoughts which accompany us as we imagine what the next year may bring. I’ve found it’s far more helpful to focus on what we want to have happen rather than what we don’t want. Our lives tend to be filled with more of whatever we focus upon.

And so, as you watch this video and listen to the music, focus on love. Whatever you have in your life — or whatever you want more of in your life — savor those feelings. Imagine yourself bathed in them every day of the upcoming year. Whether it be the blood bond of a sister or brother, the love of a parent or child, or that all-too evanescent feeling that you share with another human being on a completely different level (the one which makes every song more beautiful, every color brighter, and all the food taste better), measure your life in love. 🙂

Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, joyful, and love-filled 2016 from yours truly!

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