Everybody Stumbles…

…it’s human to get distracted, and stumble, as we travel on our path.

Or, sometimes we see something off to the side that looks enticing, and we wander away from the path for a while.

So it’s not about whether or not we will wander, or stumble — because we will — it is knowing that we have the strength inside us to hoist ourselves back up on our two feet, to consult our inner compass so that we can locate the path again… and continue on.

It’s also not always easy to tell that we’re no longer going in the direction that will take us toward our goal; sometimes our deviation is so subtle that it doesn’t really register with us, until some time has passed, and we say, “Hold on a moment. Where am I, and how did I get here? This is not where I should be.”

However, instead of saying that, why not simply give a little laugh at our human nature which brought us to the place we are, and say, “Well, that was interesting, but I think it’s time to get out the compass and get myself realigned. It’s okay that I’m here — in fact, I came here because I thought there was a good reason to do so at the time — but I so much enjoy the direction that I was moving before.”

So, bless the place where you are, even if it’s a surprise to you that you are there. Be thankful that you have the inner guidance to realize that you got off-track somewhere, and love yourself for that. Know — really believe — that if you keep going in the direction of your goal, you will reach your destination. It’s as certain as following the route on a map which tells you how to get to the next city, or the next major intersection/crossroads.

There need be no doubt, no distress in any of this. You can leave all worrying about “will I ever get there” on the wayside, because it’s a done deal. It really is. Now all that’s left is to appreciate all the beauty and the adventures along the way. If you want, you can even plan for extra moments of sightseeing while you’re on your trip — factoring in the possibility that if you come across something which enriches your life, you can take the time to explore it and have fun, knowing that you’ll have plenty of time to play, and that you’ll hop right back on the road once you’re done. Why not? Life is about having fun, after all.

Life isn’t really about achieving things, although there’s certainly satisfaction in doing so. It isn’t about reaching an ultimate goal, because there is no such thing as an ultimate goal. Once you’ve met one goal, another goal presents itself to you, ad infinitum. You’ll never “get it all done” — but that doesn’t mean you should stop striving, or give up entirely. That only means that true bliss lies less in the laurels received, the toys acquired, or the money made — and far more in relishing the joys of the moment, and marveling at how things are unfolding.

Love where you are. Find things to love about where you are, if that task seems daunting. There is always something to appreciate. Do not look to the past, except to appreciate how far you have come… tell yourself the story of how you would like things to be, and then know that all you have to do is let that future into your life. Just allow it to be.

You’ve already created it, merely by thinking it. It exists. The only thing that’s keeping you from experiencing it in your life is the knowing, the believing, the allowing.

There is a teacher I follow who likes to say, “Be easy about it.” We all worry too much about life; about things that, from a slightly different perspective, we would simply laugh off, or ignore completely. Don’t be so serious. Approach life like a child. Have fun along the way.

I believe that all of us are powerful creators. And that all of us are part of the same stream of consciousness, of energy, of love.

We are infinite and we are eternal — and at our very essence, we are joy.

Thus, I wish many blessings upon you, my friend. May your journey be light and carefree, and may I have the good fortune to share a moment or two with you, as our paths intersect and our lives intermingle.

© 2010 DJ Holte

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