“It Just Fell Into My Lap”

Creating Serendipity

Getting what you want from life…

It doesn’t involve thinking harder…

or working harder…

or knowing all the right people.

In fact, it’s far simpler than we were all brought up to believe.

I have great parents — they have always told me I could do or be anything I wanted to be, if I was willing to put in the work. In school, my teachers all told me to work hard, and then I’d be rewarded with a good life. None of them were trying to lead anybody astray. They were simply passing along the tenets of living that they’d been taught, that their parents had been taught before them, and so on, and so on.

True, sometimes as we grunt and strive, pushing against the current, we can get a few things accomplished. But stop a moment…  think about a time in your life when something magical just “fell into your lap” — something that perhaps you still cannot explain, that seems slightly miraculous in its perfection. What were you thinking and feeling in the moments, hours, and days leading up to that experience? It was probably something like, “I don’t know HOW this is going to happen, but I’m just going to have faith that it WILL happen.” In other words, for a few moments, you stopped trying to force the world to give you what you want. Maybe you never consciously thought those thoughts, but I can guarantee you that you felt those feelings.

What I believe is that when we know that something we want is already a done deal, and we release all cares and worries about it, everything moves into place to create that reality for us. We don’t even really need to focus on what we want, because deep inside, we’ve already created those desires.

So how is it that a person can maintain this state of being, where things, people, and ideas just fall into their lap? Again, it’s simpler than you’d think, but if you’ve been trained by society as most people have been, you may resist the notion, because it feels almost too easy.

  • Start by giving your attention only to those things that make you feel good.
  • Continue by showering appreciation upon things, places, ideas, people, and experiences, whenever you can.
  • And if something gets in your way, and interrupts your flow, don’t feel guilty about any feelings that may pop up — just follow your emotional instincts, and they’ll lead you slowly towards more and more emotional relief.

It’s not about what you can do to make things happen, it’s all about being in the proper state of feeling to allow abundance into your world.

The force that is at work behind-the-scenes — bringing people of like minds together, opening up doors of opportunity, and presenting you with exhilarating adventures — is also within you. It is your birthright to become one with that vital energy, to savor the journey of this existence, and to allow the beauty and joy of fashioning the life that you want — which, in turn, benefits all of humankind.

Every day, every moment, is overflowing with potential. Your bliss is already here and it is waiting for you… it only needs you to let it in.

© 2009 DJ Holte

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