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Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol — yeah, it’s a weird name for a sequel. Besides having too many colons, it looks like somebody just {tooltip}opened up a thesaurus and randomly coupled some unrelated words together.{end-texte}Can you imagine? Wow, that would be really idiotic for somebody to do! Ahem.

But the nomenclature actually follows a top-secret naming formula, one that will apparently be used in all upcoming sequels of this title. Luckily for you, I have obtained this cryptic algorithm via unnamed channels — and after running it simultaneously for the past 72 hours on seventeen desktop computers each employing the latest version of a 64-bit Linux operating system, I am now prepared to share with you my…


Personally, I can’t wait for Nightmare Jubilee (aka MI-18), and I hope that Suri (not to be confused with Siri, the smartphone AI) is old enough to appear in it by then, because I’d love to see her star opposite her daddy as “Jubilee”. (Or possibly as “Nightmare”. Depends on how much Tom behaves himself between now and then.)

Posted by DJ on December 29th, 2011 at 8:04pm.

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