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YouTube Has Become Self-Aware And Is Writing Poetry

YouTube’s automatic captioning is the new Bob Dylan. I was uploading a video tonight, and for some reason the auto-captions tried to interpret parts of the video that only had music, no voice. Here is what it said… is it … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Have a great Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah and take stock of those people who are special to you. Make someone’s day by telling them how special they are. But don’t let them have the last helping of turkey! 😉

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Boondoggle Maneuver

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol — yeah, it’s a weird name for a sequel. Besides having too many colons, it looks like somebody just opened up a thesaurus and randomly coupled some unrelated words together.Can you imagine? Wow, that would be … Continue reading

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Cold is relative

HOW I CAN TELL IT’S WINTER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Have to turn on space heater in the evening to take the edge off; can no longer sleep with windows open all night. HOW I USED TO BE ABLE TO TELL … Continue reading

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The “True Blood” Drinking Game

Dammit, Sookie! For some reason, this show seems tailor-made for a drinking game. Perhaps because both the show and drinking games carry equal amounts of fun and danger.

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Fighting For Peace is like Screwing For Virginity

A Belated Tribute to George Carlin It’s been nearly a week since I heard about Carlin’s death. I haven’t written about it partly because I just needed some time to digest the disappearance of someone who was one of the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Random Band Names

Yes, I was on one of those silly name-generator websites while I was supposed to be working today… but that’s the nice thing about working as a writer/producer — I can always say I was only trying to jump-start my … Continue reading

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Trapped in the Amber of the Moment

Reflecting on the death of Kurt Vonnegut I need to thank my older brothers, who turned me on to the unusual, maddeningly outrageous and ultimately mind-opening writings of people like Robert Heinlein and Kurt Vonnegut. It’s odd to consider that … Continue reading

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The Abyss Gazes Back

The Nietzsche Family Circus Just had to share this — I was turned on to this page a few weeks ago… and I don’t know the guy who first thought about putting these two disparate elements together, but I’ve gotta … Continue reading

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